Save people on EU-Belarussian border

Hundreds of people freezing on EU-Belarussian border is the biggest humanitarian crisis our generation has seen in Europe.

It’s not “another migration crisis” or “political challenge”.
It’s not just “another Greece” or “another Lampedusa”.


What happens on the eastern EU border has hallmarks of crime against humanity.

Some people in EU say they feel endangered by this situation. We feel endangered too.

When women, men and children are denied food and water, beaten by officers, and thrown into the swamps in EU, we can’t feel safe here anymore.

When another body is found in the freezing forest, we look at our children, sisters, husbands or fathers, thinking “how lucky, we were born in Europe…”

We can’t be indifferent any longer.

We can’t agree with actions that makes us co-responsible for crimes against humanity.
EU citizens are not murderers, and politicians must stop putting us in this role.

We demand that our political representatives comply with fundamental values of European Union: rule of law justice, solidarity and non-discrimination prevail, human dignity and human rights.


Sign a petition to Members of European Parliament.
Let them know, that their voters want a different European Union.

About us

We are a group of mothers from Czech Republic who decided to stop the silence.


We solidarize with families that took desperate decisions in pursuit for better life and fell victim to cruel politics. We fear for our own children too, as nobody can be safe in a world that denies human rights.
Our goal is to spread awareness of humanitarian crisis across the whole Europe. We work with journalists, politicians, and other activist groups. We ask you now to sign a petition to Members of European Parliament. To let them know, that this EU is not what their voters wanted.

„I also wasn’t an activist. Until I had to become one.“

Situation on Polish-Belarussian border explained

2. How do Belarusian services treat migrants? How do Polish border guards treat them? What are “illegal pushbacks”? What is the EU position?

3. What is a „death zone” between Poland and Belarus? How activists and local community help the refugees and what difficulties they are facing?

4. Why people choose such a dangerous migrants route? Don’t they know, what can happen to them?

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Nina Baše

Press contact for English language:

Małgorzata Tomczak

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